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     Introduction of www.hbvhbv.info
        --------ScienceEducation & Eliminating Discrimination for Hepatitis B

     "In the hepatitis B camp"(www.hbvhbv.info) is a non-profit bbs forum which is home of 120 million Chinese Hepatitis B Carriers to talk about Hepatitis B . It is registered international domain name on September 30th,2001 and named as "In the hepatitis B camp". This BBS predecessor is one of Hepatitis B bbs in hepatitis B patients association.
     The data of Ministry of health P.R China is shown that the occupancy of Hepatitis B carriers in China is 9.75% that means 120 million people carry Hepatitis B virus long term. The hbver(Hepatitis B virus carriers)group has met different degree discrimination in education, employment and many other aspects of life for some history reason. We offer a communication platform for 120 million hbver to search medicine, exchange feeling and seek help and make the hbver never feel lonely and helpless.
     We made much effort for protecting hbvers'legal right such as the First HBV Discrimination Lawsuit of Zhang Xianzhu, Review of Constitutionality submitted by 1161 citizens, etc. Meanwhile, We cooperate with CHFPC (Chinese Foundation for Hepatitis Prevention) and other healthcare department to develop science education for Hepatitis B. We express our rational demand and appeal to the national leaders and public attention for hbvers' living environment.
     Till 2010 we owned 400 thousand registered members. The BBS area includes Hepatitis B Area, Life Area, Backyard Garden Area and Managing Area. We set up many blocks such as Consulting HBV, HBV Right, Making Friends, Angel Harbor.

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